Problem with Siteground staging and Cornerstone editing

Hello, I have a site on Siteground, and I am trying to use a staging copy to upgrade and edit my site. I have successfully made the staging copy and upgraded X to the latest version. However I ran into a problem when trying to work in Cornerstone.

I found the following article: and followed the instructions to change the Wordpress and Site URLs in the Settings / General page. Once I did that, Cornerstone allowed me to view and save web pages.

However after I save a page using the new version of Cornerstone, the resulting page will not load. I get the error “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS.”

I spoke to Siteground’s customer support, and they said the error was being caused because I changed the URL in the database. So basically their level 1 support is saying not to do what is in the support article.

Any help? Thanks!

Hi there,

Unfortunately, we are unable to help you on this matter. We had lots of reports regarding this, and our Development Team contacted the siteground support and reported the case that their staging tool does not change the website URL in the settings and that is causing the problem because we use the home_url official WordPress function to get the base URL of all the assets. The workaround that you see in the article is what they temporary suggested and they mentioned that they will update their staging tool to fix the issue.

But it seems you have problems using that functionality and indeed we are unable to be of a help regarding this. We will try to keep in contact with the siteground support to give you a voice to them but the functionality is out of our hands and it should be fixed and change from their side.

Thank you for your understanding.

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