Problem with accordion and content area

I have a content area within an accordion. This area is supposed to display a map from a third party plugin. But when on a small phone screen it is very slow to display if at all. That is on a real phone, I can get it to display if I use google inspect on small phones settings.

Also noticed that the state names have been moved outside the map, see picture, very hard to see as they are in white but have placed red arrows to indicate their location.

Any idea as to what would cause this?

Hello @waynepatt58,

Thanks for writing in! I have logged in and checked the page. It is not just accordion and the content area elements. The page itself has an issue. I’ve checked it and I found out that the page is 4MB in filesize with 208 server requests which resulted to 3.56 seconds to load.

Please check out here:

You may need to optimize this page so that this will load faster. For your site optimization needs, please check this out:

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