Problem installing XTheme on local host WAMP server


I am having an issue installing the Xtheme offline, onto my localhost using WAMP. I go through the normal process of uploading a theme but when i click install i get this error message

There are no options for me to choose YES

Any help would be helpful.

Kind regards


Hi Nic,

Try yo unzip then drop x folder in wp-content/themes, you can then Activate Xtheme under WP Dashboard > Themes


@paul.r Thank you for your reply.

I have done what you suggested which was great but i have been given this error

Any ideas?

Hi there,

You used a wrong zip file. Most probably you need to unzip the main zip file and then see the theme zipped file there. Kindly follow the instruction below:

If you go to your Themeco Dashboard there you will find a section which you can download the latest valid zip file of the theme:

Thank you.

Seriously wow. Sorry for that blunder on my side. I downloaded the file from the location you receive after payment has been made.

I have done the download from the location you pointed out and it works.

Kind regards


Glad that we could be of a help :slight_smile:

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