Pro Vers. 6.4.15 Template won't import

See screen captures below. I am exporting one section with just a small bit of content I need from one X Pro site to import into another. The export seems to go fine and I get the exported file. When I import, it goes through some steps I don’t recall seeing before. First it uploads “Bundles” and then it uploads “Documents”. I have no idea why there’d be 79 documents? At any rate, it completes with a success message, yet nothing gets uploaded.

Step 1 Capture

Step 2 Capture

Hi @mcaravaglia,

Can you please specify the template which you are trying to import so we can test it in our local environment to replicate the issue?


Please read my post. I created a section template from an existing website and exported it to my desktop. It is this template I cannot import. I can email, or upload to you if you let me know how.??

UPDATE: Serious issue here. I export one section from a site and import it into another and though nothing shows as imported into the Template library, it has imported all of the pages of the site I exported the section from. There’s a bug here I’m afraid.

Hi @mcaravaglia,

Sorry that I missed that out. Can you please provide the .tco file so we can check it in our local environment? You can also provide the credentials for both the website from where you are exporting the template.


A Template file with the extension .tco is not uploadable here. That is why I asked in my previous message for an email, or upload portal. In the capture below, you can see there are two of every page.

Hey @mcaravaglia,

Thanks for updating in! Please put the .tco file in a .zip so you can upload it here. You may also use 3rd party site like Dropbox so that we can test your template file on our local testing server. I noticed that you are using Pro 6.4.10 on your site. Can you please update it to the latest Pro theme?

Best Regards.

I zipped the file and it does not upload here. Says “File type not supported”. I sent it via WeTransfer; the link is below. The site I exported out of is 6.4.15 and tried to import into 6.4.10. Perhaps that is the issue?


It looks like you experienced the bug in Pro 6.4.13 where all exports in CS were exporting the entire site. What I would do is go to the site and update the site first to the latest version. Then re-export the template you are trying to import to your other site. The export file shouldn’t be 11mb if everything went properly.

“File Type not supported” will happen when the file is not a .tco file. I’m pretty sure you just did that so it could import into wetransfer, but when you rexport it should have the right file type.

Let us know if this helps and have a great day.

Confirmed. Thank you.

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You are most welcome.