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Hi just purchased the Pro Version of the Xtheme and I was expecting it to come with the plug-ins shown the Xtheme is that not correct?

Hi Steve,

Please consider that the Pro theme is a separate theme and does not have anything to do with the X theme. There is a way to convert an X theme to Pro with the steps mentioned below:

The Pro theme has access to bundled extensions that you can use. To be able to access them you need to first validate the theme. Then you can go to Pro > Validation and scroll down to see the list of the extensions which you can install.

For more details about the bundled extensions please check this page and for a brief introduction for each extension read this article.

Finally, each extension has a detailed documentation which you can check by looking into the Extensions section articles in our knowledgebase below:

Thank you.

Hi Christopher -

Thank you so is it my understanding that I can install all the plugins thru the Pro theme but they are not included with it and will be have purchased separately?

But I could convert my Pro them purchase to the X theme which would include the plugins?

Thank you - Steve

Hi Steve,

They are not included and you need to install them as I mentioned in my response. But you do not need to purchase those plugins. Those are all free as you already purchased the Pro theme and we have a contract with those plugins developers and you can install them after you validate the Pro theme at no additional cost.

I did not understand the second part of the question. it is not possible to convert from Pro to X. It is possible to convert from X to Pro as I mentioned in my last reply.

The X theme also has the same extensions which you can install with the same method as the Pro. So the matter of extensions is a separate thing and not related to the Pro or X. If you have Pro or you have X you can install the extensions after the validation of the theme as mentioned before.

Thank you.

I guess where my confusion is that I have activated a few of the plug-ins the way you instructed me and I see them installed within my Wordpress but when i click in them to start to use them they are still asking me to activate them with the developer. Do I need to purchase the activation for each of these plugins with there developers for full use of the plug-in?

Hi Steve,

All of the extensions that are listed here that comes with PRO (or X) are all free.

Now if those extensions are asking for validation, then that could be any of these points.

  • Your PRO is not validated. Check it on PRO > Validation panel and make sure it is not asking for product key.

  • You’re accessing a plugin’s premium Add-ons that is only available to the users that have a separate license for that plugin. An example of premium Add-ons is the Revolution Slider’s Template Library. These add-ons are not require for the plugins to work, these are just some kind of perks.

  • It’s a bug, if this is the case please let us know what plugin is asking for validation and if you would not mind please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.

Hope this shed some lights,

Thank you it was Premium Add-on.

You’re welcome.

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