Pro Theme Causing Menu Editor to Freeze/Crash


Having to deal with making changes to my menu via Appearance>Menu has been a nightmare ever since WordPress 5.8.

It will freeze and a dialogue will pop up saying this page is not responding or moving menu items will take forever.

I looked up this issue and I found the answer -

  1. I changed my theme and the menu worked smoothly just as it did before the 5.8 update.
  2. I deactivated every plugin with the Pro Child theme active and the menu issues did not change.

I think this is a bug in relation to the Pro theme and WordPress version 5.8.*.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Tug,

Thank you for writing in, I check your menu and I did not encounter the issue.

It could be your browser’s cache or browser’s add-ons that are causing the issue. Please try using your browser’s incognito/private mode where there is no browser’s cache and browser’s add-ons involve.


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It was indeed an extension. Who would’ve thunk it? Not me.

Thanks, you rock.

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