Pro Submenu not working in Chrome/Firefox

WP 4.9, Pro 1.2.7
I have a site and a copy on a subdomain. On Chrome and Firefox, the main site menu does not drop down into submenu, is not sticky, and the cart goes off page when clicked. It works on Safari, although the font of the submenu is different. Copy works fine on all browsers. Tried migrating copy over to main site, and it still doesn’t work right. Cloudflare off, caches cleared. Tried deactivating plugins, but again, the same setup works on one installation but not the other.

Site that works:
Site that does not:

I’d appreciate it if you could tell me how to fix my menu.

Hi there,

I spent quite some time on both live and staging website and could not find why this is not working in the live version. As the code is the same, I guess this might be something related to the environment of the hosting service provider.

As I see you use the siteground I suspect this might be the known issue of the staging/live website which you can read about at the end of the article below:

Kindly get in touch with the Siteground support and give the link I have provided to follow up.

Thank you.

Disabling Cloudflare was not good enough. I had to delete the site off Cloudflare, point my nameservers back to host, then it worked!
I hope a fresh start at Cloudflare will work, because the site needs CDN.

Hi again,

Yes I was checking your site and everything seems to work fine. We’re glad you’ve sorted it out.


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