Pro settings permissions not saved

Hi team,

We encounter issues in Pro > settings > permissions

If I change this to “enable all elements” and then save > update it shows correct like this:

But when I look at a page in “pages”

Instead of seeing this

We get this:

No problems in any of the other licences we hold (i’m currently in my personal account) just in this particular account.

previously even cause issues that when accessing the template editor it kept showing the loading icon… that problem was solved by disabling and deleting the Google Analytics plugin causing issues.

Everything is up to date, all cache purged.

Hope you have an idea, let me know if you need access.

Cheers Q

Oh, after checking back in : pro > settings > the admin settings are back to “enforce text only” so it did not save the “enable all V2 elements” option

Glad to hear that you found the solution. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry but I did not…

Just mentioned additional comment that it does not save the settings.

So problem definitely still exists

now I think I have been able to solve it.

Disabled/deleted caching plugin , purged server cache, cleared the wp-config and htaccess and re-installed caching plugin in order to be sure nothing was left… works now… hope it stays that way…

Hi @quinex,

Finally, you have figured out to resolved it.
Thanks for letting us know.



Thanks… I checked all other installs as well and when creating an editor role and set the permissions for that role , it only works when disabling the Breeze caching plugin…

It seems this issue has come up with the update to the latest pro versions.

Any idea what could cause this issue? We would prefer to keep the caching plugin, but if it serves this problem maybe better not

What I found as well is that before it worked well, but not since latest update… this is a (hopefully temporary) fix:

  1. sign in as editor
  2. select breeze > purge all cache
  3. pro > content
  4. refresh browser

that will work, but it should not be necessary.

Tried to debug but no errors shown

Hi @quinex,

Managing caching like cleaning them after any updates is part of standard procedure. That’s because the purpose of the cache is to serve the same copy over and over without a need for reprocessing or executing the codes. Hence, improved performance. But that only means it will serve static contents from the current version and if you introduce a newer version, it will fail since the files and cache are no longer at the same versions.

The only solution for that is clearing the cache. Perhaps this could explain it too :slight_smile:



I’m sorry but I think you didn’t get the problem.

I know that clearing cache after updates is crucial.

I this particular issue, the problem is that one with the role of editor can not access the pro editor…

Every time they sign in they need to clear cache, go to pro > content > the page will keep showing the loading icon until the page is refreshed…

It is the only way to make this work.

If you do this and then sign out, even without having done anything, when logging in again you would need to repeat the process.

This is very inconvenient and was never like this before… the admin role is not affected, just the editor role

Hi @quinex,

Please clear all your caching features again, then try excluding the /wp-admin from being cached.

Let us know how it goes,

Hello team,

nope, this was ineffective

Sorry, issue persists

This issue only came up after the latest Themeco update, so if it wasn’t there before, something in the update must cause this (I assume)

if I would give you access, would you maybe be more effective in finding the problem?

It’s so weird… I just set up a new project and up to now I can replicate the issue while all the plugins used are the same

Hi @quinex,

I do understand that this is happening after the update of the theme, that might be the case as the backend of the builder has a new codebase.

Please consider that we do not support conflicts with third party plugins and this is outside of our support scope. There seems to be something in the breeze cache plugin which conflicts with the new codebase.

It caches something that it should not and you need to contact the plugin developers and ask them to show you a way to avoid caching the backend/admin section of the installation.

Having the login information might help us see the problem, but it will not change the fact that the conflict is with the Breeze plugin which needs to be addressed by the proper settings or code from the developers of that plugin to avoid caching the admin section.

Thank you for your understanding.


Good point, I’m going to ask them… what is weird though is that it is not consistent… in a new install (same plugins) I do not experience the issue.

The only difference is the DB which is not mySQL5.7 but MariaDB10.3

Have been on call with Cloudways support who are always super supportive like you guys (well maybe a bit more ;-))

It’s probably an issue with the Breeze plugin and I offfered them a cloned install so they can investigate :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thanks for sharing that the guys over Breeze plugin is now investigating the issue.
Please let us know how it goes.

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