PRO not working with LMS (Sensei or LearnDash)

I have now purchased two different LMS plugins, neither one of them will work with PRO Theme. As far as I know all versions are current (wordpress, theme, and both plugins). However whenever I try to create a course, only a blank page loads no matter which plugin I have attempted to use.

Please advise.

Hi @ndnstyl,

Thanks for reaching out.
It seems a problem with the 3rd Party plugin you are using and as we don’t have any control over the code you need to contact the plugin author on this issue. I would also suggest you check by activating any of the default themes like TwentyTwenty. If the issue still exists, please contact the Plugin Author on this.
And if that does not exist with it, I would suggest you share the credentials for further investigation, but we do not guarantee a fix or compatibility for the 3rd Party plugins.


Essentially the theme is worthless with any LMS system is what you are alluding to? All plugin authors say to contact them authors and vice versa. They don’t have an answer and neither is there one here, and we have to actually pay for assistance here, that is very unsettling to contact support and get the answer of contacting someone else.

Hey @ndnstyl,

My colleague meant that there’s a problem with your plugin setup.

We have many customers using LMS plugins, and they work nicely with Pro. It is probably just your plugin setup that is the problem and that is what we meant that we can’t investigate as we don’t provide 3rd party plugin support.

I tested Sensei in my site to see if it won’t work with Pro but it works. I can create a course unlike what you claim. If you can record a video or series of screenshots showing the issue with creating a course inside a fresh WordPress install with Pro theme and the Sensei or LearnDash plugin only, that will help this case.

If you need us to check your LMS setup, you can subscribe to our One premium support where we provide general WordPress support.

Thank you for understanding.

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