Pro License Issue

I have 2 pro licenses for development; (1) for localhost, & (1) for

When I use Duplicator plugin to transfer the staging site to the online site - I have problems using the PRO editor which fails with a page not found error.

I attempt to re-authorize the site by deactivating then reactivating the appropriate license by revalidating. The page becomes unresponsive.

Issue 1: revalidating the license
Issue 2: When moving from localhost to online host - pro editor cannot find the page.


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Try to reset permalinks by navigating to Dashboard> Settings > Permalinks and click on Save Changes

Hope that helps.

Resetting Permalinks still did not allow me to validate my license.

Since I cannot validate the license, I cannot check the editing 404 issue.

Hi @DanLewis460,

In this case, please share us the key and the admin credentials of your live site so we could check further.

Don’t forget to set it in a secure note.


Please see secure note on previous reply.

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I can see the license was in your a/c in unlock mode, which means it can be transferred to different a/c.
Now, I have locked it.

Also, I can confirm the issue on my end too.
I would suggest you few troubleshooting processes to see if the issue resolved.

  1. Please delete the complete theme file and re-upload it via FTP.
  2. If you are using child theme please switch to the main theme and perform the validation action.
  3. Disable all third-party plugins including jetpack to check if there is a plugin conflict.
  4. Check this for validation troubleshooting

If you could please try the above and if you still have the issue we’d be more than happy to assist.


Thank you.

After deleting & reinstalling Pro & Pro-Child and deactivating all 3rd party plugins, I successfully validated my license.

After re-validating, I re-activated all original plugins and successfully re-tested the pro editor.

Thank you. This issue is closed.

Glad to hear it’s sorted.


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