Pro is running excruciating slow for me

Hi, I’m on the latest release of Pro as well as wordpress. I haven’t created any pages in about two months and last time I did I had a very hard time being able to edit text, which seems to be the same now as well.

I made a copy of a sales page I made previously and am trying to edit the text in it but it’s taking forever to load any text or make changes, with much of the time just turning into a white screen for a minute or two until it refreshes. It’s extremely cumbersome to make any progress.

My site is on a VPS and has a very fast loading time. Any suggestions of how I can make pro feasible to work with again? thanks.

The page I’m currently working on is

Hi There @itsbobross

Thanks for writing in! There could be number of possible cases which you need to check.

  1. Try following our performance guide here ( and increase your server performance.

  2. If you already have a low PHP memory, try increasing your PHP memory limit by following our guide here (

Let us know how it goes.

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