Pro- header not visible on home page periodically

Hello see video

just trying to see if you have seen this error before?

cache has been cleared currently so its working again

its a siteground server

Hi @b960a518_a049_4215_9fec_f8e5379ab96d,

Unfortunately, while accessing the URL, it shows the Country is Blocked. Can you please remove the IP restriction temporarily so we can investigate the problem and assist you with this?


which country

I don’t have one ip addres blocker I have done each country individually

it seems to be working right this second but its periodically not sure if a cache would stop it or something else

Hi @b960a518_a049_4215_9fec_f8e5379ab96d,

It is still showing the IP restriction. We are from different parts of the world, and most of us have a dynamic IP address; we can’t provide a specific IP address to you. So I would suggest you disable it temporarily for us.