Pro header drop down menu going up not down

Why is my drop down going up?

Hi @VelocityWeb,

Thanks for reaching out.

I’m changing the flex alignment through inspector but it’s not taking effect. It only fixes the position once I change the layout to reverse. Since the CSS are minified, I’m not really sure to where the CSS is originating from. Would you mind providing your admin login credentials in the secure note so I could test it directly bypassing the minification?


See how you go now. Good luck :grinning:

Hi There,

Thanks for the details!

The issue was due to the CSS minification in your Plugin. I have clear the minification and cleared the cache.
Now it should work.

Please check your browser cache and test it.


So far I havnt been able to make it work in Chrome. Even in priviate browser mode


It was SG Optimizer that was causing the issue.
It somehow messes up the navigation css.

I suggest you use w3 total cache instead as it allows you exclude the theme css and js file from minification.
Preventing it from causing issues.


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