PRO header change slightly opaque upon scroll

Hey there,
I am wanting to get this transparent header to go more opaque upon scroll. The color it is showing now is what I want it to be for scroll. I want it to start transparent. Any help?

Hello @tkcostello,

Thanks for writing in! Regretfully there is no setting to have a different bar background color as you hover the page. We could suggest that you duplicate your current bar and then turn OFF the sticky option. In the first bar, you can set the background color to transparent while the sticky option is OFF. In the second bar, please add the desired background color, turn ON the sticky option and hide it initially.

The first bar setting:

The second bar settings:

Hope this helps.

How can I set up the assignments for the second bar? If the first bar is assigned to certain pages, how can I assign the 2nd bar to the same pages?

Hello @tkcostello,

The first and second bar are on the same custom header that is assigned to your pages. If you want to display a different background on specific pages, you will have to duplicate your custom header and then assign the custom header to your specific pages.

To know more about the header builder and how to assign a header to a page, please check out this documentation:

To know how bars work in the builder, please check this:

Worked perfectly! I had initially read your reply wrong, so thank you for clarifying.

We are delighted to assist you with this.