Pro for Real Estate Website and plugin choice?

Curious if anyone has created a website for a realtor using Pro using one of the several IDX broker plugins out there, and if so, which one?

Nelson Cuesta over at is the man for that. He and his team have built an incredible portfolio of professional real estate WordPress sites using X and Pro. We are also listed as a recommended theme from

@kyle Would this still be the best path to go to integrate IDX with Pro? Thanks!

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Also interested to see if there are any updates to the recommendations here. I’m helping a client explore IDX integrations and we’re hoping to use Pro.

I’ve been kicking the tires on the plugin but, because the IDX pages are dynamically generated using the Wordpress rewrite API, the pages don’t actually exist in the WP database, which (thus far at least) makes it difficult to easily modify the layout/design for these pages.

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