Pro: Add custom element that is not "classic"

How on earth do I register a custom element that doesn’t appear in the classic section?

I know about but that page seems to be out of date or isn’t fully in line with how those shiny new elements work.

It talks about the new mixins that were added and just tells me to “pull in” what I need. Anyone actually ever tried that? You get a lot of dependency errors that, when I tried to solve them, led to more dependency errors up to the point where I gave up on it.

I searched through the code and tried my luck with what I could find in Cornerstone_Element_Manager->register_native_elements() but to no avail.

So, some simple code snippets that will end up in a new custom element that is not classic would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

Hi there,

Unfortunately, at the moment you can not do that as our API for the V2 element to have custom stuff created with is not ready yet. You are limited to the Classic Elements at the moment.

We will inform any new changes which will be available through the changelog:

Thank you for your understanding.

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