Pro 6.4.3 Font Awesome SVG vs Webfont confusion and bug

I am having some real confusion over the purpose of various Font Awesome things.

First off, a bug I have come across with a new testing environment:

SVG icons not displaying or outputting in the HTML

Recreation steps:

  • Set up new Wordpress install with Pro 6.4.3
  • Go into Cornerstone and create a new page, leaving all Theme Options as default, including leaving the Font Awesome Load Type as Webfont
  • Add a button element and enable Graphic
  • The default l-hand-pointer icon does not show up
  • The Load Type for the graphic icon is set to SVG despite Webfont being the default
  • Switching Load Type to Webfont works as expected, but switching back to SVG makes the icon disappear again.

Current steps to fix:

  • Go to Theme Options and setting the Font Awesome Load Type to SVG
  • Save the Options and save the page, then refresh Cornerstone
  • The icon now shows up correctly as an SVG
  • In Theme Options, you can then switch it back to Webfont and save and reload Cornerstone, and the button icon still loads correctly as SVG

There are some other bugs coming up with this loading via Webfont vs SVG as well.

Icon shows Load Type as Webfont but in the HTML, it is being loaded as an SVG

Recreation steps:

  • Set the default Load Type to SVG in the theme options
  • In a page in Cornerstone, add a new Icon element
  • In the Inspector, the Load Type is showing up as Webfont, but the HTML shows an SVG being loaded in

Steps to fix:

  • Set the Icon element to load by SVG and save the page
  • Refresh Cornerstone
  • Set the Icon element to load by Webfont and save the page again
  • Refresh Cornerstone
  • The icon is now being loaded as Webfont correctly, as indicated by the Inspector Load Type

Could the element graphic / icon options have three options:

  • Default (taking its value from the global setting)
  • SVG (manually set)
  • Webfont (manually set)

This would make it clear when inspecting elements which are taking their value from the global value and which have been set specifically to one or the other for specific reasons.

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Ah I see another user detailed some similar issues whilst I was writing out this report

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Another issue with the Font Awesome options is that the Sharp variants are still showing up as enabled by default in the Theme Options, but not showing up in the Icon picker on elements. The settings have to be disabled, saved, and then re-enabled for them to work correctly.

This is occurring within this fresh, blank install of Wordpress + Pro 6.4.3

Yours is a bit more thorough…

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Thanks, Appreciate the notes. I’ll spend the day making sure it’ll make sure the svg directory is unzipped in these instances. Still lost on why sharp are still saying they are enabled by default, but I’ll take another look as well.