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Hello support, I need to have the ability to tell a column #2, to always be above column #1 when viewed on mobile devices.

Hi Gonzalo,

Thank you for writing in, you need to duplicate the first ROW and hide it on small and extra small screen, using the Hide During Breakpoints features.

Then on the duplicate ROW, switch the content of the left-column (image) and right-column (text), and hide it on extra large, large, and medium screen.

Hope it helps,

Thanks, but this solution seems as a LOT of duplication, will this create any potential problems as page loading?

Is there a CSS code that will do the trick?

Hello @VGonzaloMartinez,

Thanks for updating the thread. :slight_smile:

Actually it will be quite difficult for make the changes only by CSS and that will also require lot of CSS codes. My colleague @friech has suggested you a fairly easy to use solution that won’t have much of an impact on the page load time and performance of website.

You also have the option to take a look at the performance optimisation guide that we have published to further improve the page load time:


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