Primary Menu with different submenu per page

I am hoping this is a simple question and there is a quick solution.
For our new site I need to create a primary menu - fixed and displayed on all pages.
However, on each page a different submenu needs to be displayed with internal links to different sections on the page.
I haven’t started with the setup in WP, but this what I am trying to achieve:

  • Homepage:

  • About Page:

Any tips or advice how to set this up? Surely there is a quicker way that adding a top section to the page in Cornerstone and using text and internal links?

Perhaps one of the new navigation elements - the knowledge base info. about these new elements was not very informative, so not clear on how to use these.

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi there,

Thanks for writing around! This can be done with Pro quite easily, using PRO, we have the freedom to build our own header/footer the way we want it using the header/footer builder. In X, the design and structure is already set per stack, we just need to tick on and off some settings.

If you’re using X then consider updating to PRO. Please check videos first on how Pro works from knowledge base here

Thanks for your reply, but upgrading to PRO is not an option.
Apart from it costing extra money…as listed under licenses in my account:

I also feel that the Knowledge base information is not sufficient to help getting started and using certain elements. I am not a developer and as a result find the information very limited and you are missing examples for a lot of the elements.
Certainly, if you had more video tutorials or even webinars, then sure I would consider paying the extra $40.

Now back to the matter in hand…different submenus for different pages…is there a solution for X?


Hey @managet0p_xtheme,

Sorry for the confusion. This is not possible in X because the Header builder, where you can create your own header design and assign to specific pages, is only available in Pro. This would require theme customization in X which is outside the scope of our support. I’m strictly regarding the header or the header area.

Alternatively, you can setup a secondary menu using UberMenu, a menu plugin bundled in X. Use its shortcode method for integration (add to a Text or Raw Content Element).


Thanks Christian for your reply.
Shame this is not possible with X, but good to know.

Thanks again

You’re welcome, @managet0p_xtheme. X does not have this originally and many users have requested to have more header and footer controls this is why Pro was created. It is basically X with the Header and Footer builders.


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