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On my site ( I cannot see the previews anymore when I create a page in a different language (through Polylang). Is this maybe plugin related?

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Thanks for writing in! There is no preview and there is an warning message:

The preview could not load due to the iframe response being incomplete. This is most often related to a plugin conflict, or customizations introducing a PHP error.

To troubleshoot this issue, please check out this article:

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I can’t access your site as there is an internal server error. Would you mind providing your FTP login credentials as well?


Hi. I found the Polylang plugin to be the cause of the failure. What do you suggest: using a different translation plugin such as WPML?

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Yes, the Polylang is not supported. Our developers are going to look into the possibility to bring the support of the Polulang but I strongly suggest that at the moment you use the WPML plugin for a multilingual website.

If you consider using the WPML you will need to follow the steps below:

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