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Hi All

I was really hoping that someone could help me with the the new posts element. I want to replace my classic element with it but I don’t understand how to hide/show certain categories or ‘offset’ the start. (like I can with the classic recent posts one)
Currently my main page has the first three posts, then some text, then the next three posts, then some more text, then three more posts.

How do I do this with the new element?

Hello @vancouverwithlove,

Thanks for writing in!

With the new Post element, you can display posts within a specific category by switching from “Recent Posts” to “Query Builder” in the Looper Provider option in the row settings.

In the “Taxonomies”, make sure to select which category you want to display.

For more details, kindly check out this documentation:

Or you can also check out our videos:

Hope this helps.

Hi Ruenel

However there was another part to my questions, how do I split up recent posts with text? in the old version I could tell the element to start showing me from the 4th post in the recent posts list

also, I’m hoping to use the audio element in posts so that I can add my podcast there. Is there anyway that the looper can bring the audio player through as well?

Hey @vancouverwithlove,

There is no Offset feature in the Looper yet but it’s not added in our feature request list to be considered in one of the future updates.

You can add an Audio element in the Post element.


Hope that helps.

Ah, sorry to hear about the offset. however that audio feature is great! Can I link that to the audio in the post using looper? it seems straight forward to link other stuff but not sure how to do the audio

Thank you for your help!

Hey @vancouverwithlove,

Yes. You will need to use ACF Pro. Set up a Text field for the Post post type then add the MP3 URL for each post.


Your Audio element setup should look like the following screenshot. Change the field value to your own.


In the Post setup, you should also leave the URL blank.


Hope that helps.

Hi Christian

This does look like something I should look into, does this mean I’d need to create a custom ACF field for each podcast ep and update the rest?

Actually NVM I tried it and understand how it works now! Thank you so much

One last question, I do want the user to be able to go to the podcast page from this list, but I cant work out how to get the interaction working like a link (IE the cursor showing correctly)
Just removing the link from the link field stops the link from working but the text still changes colour during mouse over events.

How do I limit the event so that it only happens on the headline and the feature image?

Hello @vancouverwithlove,

Yes, you will have to install the ACF Pro plugin and set up the custom fields. You will need to update the respective posts where you will insert the audio link.

If you want to remove the link, do not just remove the link, you will have to totally disable the link instead:

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 10.18.19 AM

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 10.18.25 AM

Hope this helps.