Posts Design


I am currently using the Integrity Stack. I am unhappy with how the posts look, but I can’t figure out how to edit the designs of them. I can’t seem to access them on Cornerstone. Is there anything I can do?

Hi Manna,

Thank you for writing in, to edit posts with Cornerstone, please navigate to X > Settings and under the Permissions > General turn On the Posts.

Hope it helps,

Thank you so much!

I am still unable to edit how the feature image is displayed. I crop and fade blocks out important content from the feature image, and Cornerstone still doesn’t allow me to fix the title or the display of the feature image. Do you know what else I could do to access the design of that?

Hello Manna,

Thanks for updating in! Please be advised that the Cornerstone is a page/post builder. You can only edit the content area of the posts. Cornerstone does not allow you to edit the title or feature image. If you want to change the title, you will have to do it in Dashboard > Posts. For the featured image, you can remove or replace it using the default WP editor.

Hope this helps.