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Hi there! I’m trying to create a blog post, but now that I’ve updated to Pro, it’s like my page has no container. I used to be able to use Cornerstone for blog posting, but I don’t see Pro available for Posts.

This is the post I’m working on: - it’s easy to what’s wrong with it. How can I either:

  1. use pro to create blog posts, or

  2. use WPs standard post features, but with the body content aligned normally?

Thank you!

I wanted to give you an update. I used the [container] short code on that post I just listed in my last message. So now it’s looking better.

But is there a way to use PRO for blog posts? And if not, can you fix Pro so we’re not forced to have to use a shortcode just to have margins on the page? Or is there a trick I’m missing? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello Josh,

In the latest release, we have introduced the Permissions Manager where in the “Edit in Cornerstone” when you are editing a post is disabled by default. This was explained in our changelog here:

Simply go to X > Settings > Permissions and make sure that Post is enabled. Please check out Permissions Manager to know more how you can enable it back:

Hope this helps.

So many updates and changes, it’s hard to keep up. Sorry to have interrupted - I searched several times out in the support forum, but I didn’t see that in the results. Thanks for pointing it out! :slight_smile: Now I’ll know for the rest of my Pro sites! :smiley:

Hello @Jen6566,

Glad to hear that. Yes the recent updates have got some cool new features that I would encourage you to explore. I would suggest you to check out changelog for the changes and knowledge-base for more in-depth tutorials:


I’ll do that - thank you!

I have a follow-up question for you related to blog posting. I want me blog summary page ( to have a right sidebar, but I want my blog posts to be full width. In the theme settings, I set it to full width, but that took my right side bar off the summary page.

Is there a way to make my summary page have a sidebar while letting the posts be full width? Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Hi There,

Please set the blog page layout back to Global Content Layout:

After that add this custom CSS under Theme Options > CSS:

.single-post .x-sidebar {display: none !important;}

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Hi! That didn’t work.

In the global settings, I went into Layout & Design, and chose Content Left; Sidebar Right (so that I could have my sidebar on this page:

Then I added the code you provided - .single-post .x-sidebar {display: none !important;} - to the Theme Options CSS, but my posts are still leaving room for the a right sidebar anyway ( ).

It’s not affecting my old posts (made with X+CS), and it’s not affecting my WP-based posts. It’s really just the new post I’ve added using PRO. But I plan to post more using PRO, so I do this resolved pretty quickly (client deadline).

Did I misunderstand your instructions? My blog settings look like yours except I’m using the Masonry style. What am I doing wrong? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Oh wait - I figured it out I think.

The last thing I have to do was to check the box for fullwidth WP settings for the Post. Now it’s full-width. But important to know that within the post, you have to go into the Post Settings and check that box, or it will still leave room for a sidebar on the pages where you don’t want it.

Hope that helps folks who find this thread having the same problem.

Thank you! :blush:

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

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