Post object and looper issues in repeater fields


I am having an issue, I am looped into a repeater AFC field, I know that’s fine because the data is coming through from a nested repeater no worries, but the info I want from a post object isn’t.

For example I have this structure

CPT (shooter)
Player details (ACF fields)
Player Bio (ACF fields)
Events attended(post object)

Latest Results (looped - repeater)
Event Name (post object)
Results (looped - nested repeater)
class, division, points etc…

The results show no problem, so I know the ‘latest results’ is looped properly. But all I get from the Event Name is a post ID like 532 (I have tried setting the post object as both object and id.) But I want the event title.

Not sure how to get what I want here!


Hey Max,

Thanks for reaching out!

The WP admin page is not accessible, please see the secure note for more information.

Thank you.

Heya, I went a different way with it. Cheers.

Hi Max,

Thanks for letting us know.

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