Possible conflict with ESSB or Toolset plugin

Hi guys, i’m contacting you and at the same time I’m contacting the plugin authors as well (compatibility is a two way street after all).

There’s a problem that only happens when either of the following plugins exist and for some reason it happens only with the “video” element in PRO.

the problem is that when either the “Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress” plugin is active, if you use a video element, it appears and disappears/stop working.

The same thing happens when you have “Toolset Blocks” enabled.

I checked your forum and i see it’s something that has been happening for years now but in the support forums, you basically blow the user off to the authors (Which i suspect they never contact since i couldn’t find similar tickets in the other authors’ forums).

For me it’s not a big deal, i fixed the problem on my end by NOT using your video element and coding it myself, however it would be a huge deal for people that can’t do the same. these 2 plugins are quite used (not sure if the same applies to the combo Themeco products + those plugins, though) so i took the trouble of recreating the problem on a clean environment.

You can find the problem in this page: http://silly-hummingbird-1jjtyxgk.sandboxcms.com/sample-page/

These are the steps to recreate the problem:

As i understand this is happening since 2018 and i suspect the problem is actually on your end, since the problem is way too specific for it to be a problem on another plugins’ end :o but i also know the problem is a 2 way street, so everything’s possible hehe

I hope you can take a look at it.

Hi @franticape,

Thank you for the detailed explanation, although I can not say that this is a bug with the Theme, I’ve submitted this to our issue tracker so the developers will be made aware of it.

Here’s what I found out, if you enable any of those plugins you mentioned above, it will load a legacy file named mediaelementplayer-legacy.min.css which contains that CSS rule below, which breaks the video player positioning.

.mejs-container {
    position: relative;

So a quick fix for this, for now, is to position: unset; that .mejs-container


Aha, interesting. i guess these files are meant to have backwards compatibility with WordPress and since they are plugins that load it, they load after the theme, thus, making the legacy code somehow more important.

That is definitely a good find and I’ll check with the plugin authors and see if they can also do something about this.

We are delighted to assist you with this.


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