Possible Bug: Archive Layout Builder Pro 5

I have a bit of of a strange one.

I have a custom taxonomy (Experts). In the Layout Builder I have created an Archive Taxonomy.

I have a looper consumer on the page that is set to all and this displays all the Experts from the custom taxonomy.

If I set the WordPress reading settings to be more than the amount of experts then the list of experts shows correctly and I see all 64 Experts.

If I set the reading setting to less than the number of Experts and implement paging then the archive page still show the correct number of Experts but instead of paging correctly it seems to duplicate some of the experts as I browse through the pages.

Hi @urchindesign,

I’m not sure how that’s getting duplicated. The Layout Builder is just going to use the existing WordPress query and iterate over the posts. Maybe there’s something going on with the custom post type or filtering system you have in place. If you’d like we could move this over to support and take a look at your site.

Sure thing. I’ll add some login details tomorrow when I’m back in the office.

Seems odd though as it is only duplicating when there is paging.

Sounds good!

This one is a bit odd. The paging was definitely all messed up as the archive displayed the correct amount of archive items but it was duplicating a lot of them.

If I set the amount of items to be more than what I have so that there is no paging then things worked correctly. As soon as I have paging it is duplicating items.

I needed to have the order by title rather than by the default ordering so added some code to customise the ordering. As soon as I added this code then the paging corrected itself.

Not sure what is going on but for now it is working.

HI @urchindesign,

Please provide us with the following details so that we can check the backend settings.

  • WordPress admin URL
  • WordPress admin level username and password

Thank you.