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I’m trying to set up a page of images that can be shared on social media. I like the sample used for setting up a portfolio. How do I get the wording under the images in the sample and also get the social share buttons under each image like in the example?


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Hello @tekexceed,

Thanks for asking and sorry for the confusion as there is no need to share website URL.

I request you to please refer the documentation we have published in knowledgebase that setup portfolio pages:

To activate or toggle social icons, you can do that from X > Launch > Options > Portfolio > Sharing. https://screencast.com/t/EXJUQzf2


Thank you for the response. Yes, that article was what I used to set up the portfolio page and I do have social sharing turned on and it shows fine on the other blog page. The portfolio page, however, only shows the featured image and not the title or social sharing I would like.
This is the page I’m trying to use:

Hi There,

If you want to manually build this kind of a page, you may try our Promo shortcode (http://demo.theme.co/integrity-1/shortcodes/promo/) and Entry share shortcode (http://demo.theme.co/integrity-1/shortcodes/entry-share/).

Otherwise you will need the help of WordPress custom post types to build a separate section like Portfolio and you can add individual items to that post types so that it will appear in a page on frontend. You may try following this (https://xthemeusers.com/useful-link/custom-post-types-toolset/), though this would be outside the scope of the support.


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