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Have been trying to set up portfolios following instructions at https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/features-portfolios/98 however cant see where columns in portfolio settings in WP?

http://www.commissionit.co.uk/portfolio-glass/ want to set up 4 columns

How do i set up the portfolios so they show in this page http://www.commissionit.co.uk/glass-works-uk to replace the 4 images element under “Check out glass designs from leading glass makers.” so this is dynamic data and when a user clicks on one of the images it goes to the portfolio for more info and bigger pics?


Also is it not possible to use cornerstone to edit portfolio pages? when i click cornerstone on the page it says not suitable preview area found…

Hi Amin,

Thanks for writing in!

You can assign the column in the portfolio page setting.
Open the portfolio page and in the Portfolio setting section, you can assign the column.

For your next question, the portfolio page can’t be edit with the cornerstone. The template is only to show the portfolio item, there no editable area in the page.

Hope this helps!

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