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I would like to add a custom background image to each of the portfolio item posts. However, when I try to add my image it is automatically replicated as the first image on the gallery slider at the top of the post.

Is there a way to add the image as a background only and not show it at the top of the post?


Hello @3b1a2f46-a516-40cf-b,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

You can add background image by editing the individual portfolio page and under Portfolio item settings > Background Image(s).


Hi Prasant,

Yes, I have done that. But that is not the issue.

For some reason when I add the background image it is automatically included in the slider gallery at the top of the portfolio post. Is there a way I can stop this?


Hi There,

Yes, that is because the Gallery feature will automatically add the image that you uploaded when you’re on that posts. To detach that from the Gallery, please navigate to Media > Library, then set the view as a list and sort the images as uploaded to so you can easily find the image, look for the image and detach it from the post.

To avoid this issue on your future posts, please upload your featured images directly on the Media > Library.

Hope it helps,

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