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Hello, is there a way to add a menu by category in the portfolio. I’ve had it for other sites, but can’t figure out how to at it to the top of the portfolio page.

The layout doesn’t need to be the same as this page: https://compelchurch.com/messages/

But I’d like to add a drop down or category header by series like that for my page:


Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi Raymond,

Thank you for writing in, please edit your portfolio page, and make sure the “Disable Filtering” option at the bottom is not enabled.

Hope it helps,

Hi Friech, can you let me know how I can access that page? I edited it through Pro, so I’m not sure how to get to the backend page to set it up. Thank you!

Hi Raymond,

Yes, on your page list find your Portfolio page, and click the Edit button (not the Edit with Cornerstone), corresponding to it.

Then when are on the native WP editor, scroll down at the bottom until you see the Disable Filtering option.


Please note that this option will not show if your page is not using the Layout - Portfolio template.


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