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Hello, thanks as always for the great theme and support. We are working with vimeo-hosted videos to create a portfolio page on our website. Due to the kind of videos they are (yoga classes), we want to be able to offer sorting/filtering options for our users, and we’d like to access sub-categories as well as main categories in this feature. But, let’s say we have 20 different total options (categories+subcategories), so we don’t want to clutter the top of the portfolio page with 20 different buttons! This looks a bit messy and confusing to the eye. Is there a way to offer hierarchical/sublist options? This seems like it would be normal for a portfolio solution but I can’t find a way to get the sub-category to appear somehow within/under its parent, it just goes as another button across the top. Which makes me confused about what makes subcategory different from a regular parent category, if they all show up at top at same level. For example main category Vinyasa is selected, then subcategories 60min, 75min, and 90min appear as secondary filters for Vinyasa category. I appreciate your assistance with this!

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Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

You can the option to implement portfolio using The Grid or Essential grid plugins that comes bundled with X Theme. They do offer decent filtering option that you can take a look at the demo pages. You can install both the plugins from X > Validation > Extensions.

  • The Gird: Demo and getting started guide:


  • Essential Grid: Demo and getting started guide:



This is super helpful, thank you!! Looks like either of these will enable us to do exactly what we want. Appreciate your prompt and excellent support once again.

Hi @kellymowrer,

Glad that we could be of a help :slight_smile:

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