Polylang issue

Hi, with the nice 2.1.4 update, I received an error when trying to edit pages or posts: This Content does not have a translation. Start with a blank slate or choose an existing translation to begin with.
I have to desactive polylang extension to be able to edit.

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Hi there,

I’m sorry you’re having issues with this. Currently Cornerstone isn’t fully compatible with Polylang. It’s not one of the plugins we do compatibility testing for. Regretfully it’s a known issue that the builder doesn’t work properly when Polylang is active. We are going to look into what we can do to clear up the conflict, but you may still run into issues with not being able to access certain translations in the builder. We would recommend using WPML instead of Polylang, as we fully support it.

Hi there,

i have got the same issue. It would be great if you could look into this. THANKS!

pls look into this many of us are effect by this and it worked great before the update

Also have the same error and using polylang, have to disable is to be able to edit the pages please Fix

I already had problems with editing pages in other languages than english, however, after the newest updates of Pro and Polylang I’m unable to edit any pages! Guys, could you please consider adding support for Polylang?

I bet the WPML is great, but it is also another rather expensive plugin - especially if you want more than a year of updates. From this point of view, making the Pro compatible with Polylang too would make your theme a lot more useful for many - thus providing a valuable contribution to your family of “ultimate wordpress themes”.

Thank you for your feedback. Our core developer is already aware of your concern. Please stay tuned for future updates.



I have got the exact same issue. It would be great if you could look into this.
I cannot edit my whole website :frowning:

Thanks in advance


I have a very large number of pages that have been translated with Polylang. What is the latest version that doesn’t crash with Polylang and how do I rollback to it ?

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I believe that version <= 5.2.2 should fix this issue, at least base don the changelog. I cannot rollback to this version because I don’t have a recently backed up version of the theme…and ofc you cannot download a specific version from the panel!

X theme should fix this issue ASAP or at least provide a temporary fix. My website isn’t usable at all and I can see that this issue is affecting a lot of people.

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Hi @mokha,

Our developers are still on it and there is no temporary fix available, it’s a complex one. The stable version that you may try with Polylang is X 4. I still have 4.6.4 on one of my installation, I can provide it BUT, even if you downgrade the theme/plugin version the data will not be downgraded along with it. It still best to restore it through backup since it has the exact copy of files and data. Maybe your hosting has an automatic backup? I think most hosting do that.


I second that!

I do have the same problem with the page builder and I NEED the site to work with Polylang. Would be great if there were a solution soon!

Same problem, I bought the theme for a new site but I can not use Cornerstone. :disappointed:

If I start creating pages with Visual Composer, they can then be modified with Cornerstone or will I need to recreate them from scratch?

Polylang is a good plugin and WPML is too expensive.

Please provide a solution to the problem or at least a temporary fix.

Same problem here… It’ll be great to know a timeline for the issue solution, if its gonna be solved. Thank you very much. It’s an important feature for our websites.

I have the same problem as well. Does anyone know if I can do a rollback on the Cornerstone plugin, because I think that it might solve the problem for now…

We would really appreciate a fix as well.

I have been able to disable the plugin and make the edits and then turn it back on

This seems to work , but a fix would be greatly appreciated

Hi - I’m also experiencing the same issue, I’m unable to edit any pages at all. Proper Polylang support would be extremely useful with cornerstone! I didn’t realise it wasn’t supported.

ETA for fix?

Also having the same issue - can only edit with Cornerstone when Polylang is disabled. Used o work like a charm before the latest Cornerstone updates. I have the exact same problem with two live sites ATM, so WPML is not really an option for me at this time.

Using WPML on a live site that´s already using Polylang isn´t really an option.
Seems like this is something that needs to be fixed urgently.