(Poll) Do you use Standard Demos in X?

Demos in X have changed throughout the years, and we are considering removing the Standard Demos in lieu of only creating and distributing our growing list of Expanded Demos.

As a quick reminder, Standard Demos are just meant to be structural layouts of a page whereas Expanded Demos are full site designs.

Once the Template Manager is available in X (coming after V2 Elements for Cornerstone that is being worked on now), we don’t see as much value in providing the Standard Demos any longer as those layouts could just as easily be made into templates for Cornerstone.

As such, we feel it’s a good time to potentially retire Standard Demos while leaning heavily into Expanded Demos plus templates for Cornerstone once the new Template Manager is in place. We’d like to hear your thoughts and vote before making the decision.

  • I use the Standard Demos and want to keep using them.
  • I would be fine with only having Expanded Demos plus new templates built into Cornerstone.

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I’m really looking forward to the new Template Manager. Protip for the folks that use the Standard Demos and want to keep using them: Install X and demo(s) of your choice and then head over to the Cornerstone editor. From there visit ‘Layout’ > ‘Templates’ > ‘Save’ > ‘Download’; You’ll be able to upload the .cpl files to your future projects.


Ethos is my favorite stack but… can the Ethos demos either really be coming soon or be changed to say Not Coming? How long has it been?


This has been mentioned elsewhere (and not exactly a response to your question), but a “blank” stack would be really nice!

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