Plugins won't update


After trying to fix this with my hosting provider, they told me to contact you all.

One of my sites has used the x theme for awhile, but for a bit now none of my plugins update unless I manually install them. While the theme will update, nothing else does - and to make it worse, my site tells me everything is up to date, but then you look at the version numbers and nothing is.

Sometimes it will let you try to update the plugins, but after it’s finished the version hasn’t changed. Any idea? I’ve copied below what my support said to me:

"I appreciate you allowing me to toggle your theme and plugins as it has
allowed me to locate the issue. I believe the issue with the plugins not
showing the proper version is related to the X theme and the X theme
related plugins that are added. I installed the twentyseventeen default
theme and then activated it. The version issue was still occurring so I
disabled the “x-” plugins and the plugin versions begin to display
properly. Here is an example:

36 installed plugins:
I akismet 4.0.8
UI better-click-to-tweet 4.5
UI better-search-replace 1.1.1
UI broken-link-checker 1.10.9
UI contact-form-7 4.2.2
I cornerstone 2.0.5
UI enhanced-text-widget 1.4.5
UI ewww-image-optimizer 2.5.0
UI image-widget 4.1.2
UI insert-headers-and-footers 1.3.3
UI limit-attempts 1.1.0
I pinterest-verify 1.0.4
UI redirection 2.3.16
UI shareaholic
I simple-copy-post 1.0
I soliloquy
I subscribe-to-comments 2.3
I thrive-leads 1.37
UI tinymce-advanced 4.6.3
UI updraftplus 1.10.3
I wp-dbmanager 2.79.1
I js_composer 5.1.1
UI wp-maintenance-mode 2.0.9
UI wp-original-media-path 2.1.1
I wp-rocket 2.6.5
I x-content-dock 1.0.0
I x-custom-404 1.0.0
I x-disqus-comments 1.0.0
I x-google-analytics 1.0.0
I x-smooth-scroll 1.0.2
I x-terms-of-use 1.0.0
I x-under-construction 1.1.0
I x-video-lock 1.1.0
I x-white-label 1.1.0
UI wordpress-seo 2.3.2
D advanced-cache.php

Legend: I = Inactive, D = Drop-In, U = Update Available

I would definitely suggest reaching out to the theme authors/creators and
inquire as to what might have happened to cause the current issue. They
may have some advice on which code to update within their plugins/themes.
It is also possible that those components are conflicting with one of the
other plugins you are using. The best solution for this situation would
be to disable the items one by one and then test the response. "


Kindly check the following.

  1. Check file and folder permission

755 for folders
644 for files

  1. Make sure your theme is validated. You can try revoking and re-validate.
  1. Ensure your site can reach these domains

You will need to confirm this with your host.


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