Plugins not activated in x theme

i have installed x theme and following plugins are not being activated
Slider Revolution
Essential grid
WP Bakery page builder
all these plugins are showing not activated message. Please guide on how to activate the same

Hello @gopia,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

After installing the plugins from X > Validation > Extensions you need to activate the same from Plugins > Installed Plugins. Please take a look at following tutorial on installing and activating plugin:

To get started with the plugins you have mentioned, please take a look at our knowledge-base articles:


@Prasant , I have activated the plugin from the plugin menu, but it is the licence for the plugin not activated. Please find below the screenshot for the same

Hi Gopi,

It seems that there is a misunderstanding, by activated you meant validation. We thought you are talking about the plugin activating in the plugins menu:

Please consider that you do not need to validate the plugins which you install from X > Validation extensions section as they are bundled plugins with our theme and we have a contract with them. If you use those plugins with our theme you are good to go and there is no need for the validation process of those plugins.

Please read the bundled Plugins section of the articles below for more information::

Thank you.

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