Please help! Agency Demo - This element can not render because Contact Form 7 is not active


Im a new user and currently using X theme’s Agency demo.

Problem is under contact page or “Get in touch” it wont show the form for contacting so i can edit it?

It just says 'This element can not render because Contact Form 7 is not active."

Please help me, i’m a total noobie!

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Hello Morten,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Please install Contact Form 7 plugin from X > Validation > Approved Plugins > Contact Form 7. To get started with Contact Form 7, please take a look at following resource.


Thanks i will try this! Also have a problem with the [REV_SLIDER AGENCY_HOME] MISSING

That usually is caused by installing the demo when Slider Revolution was not installed first. If you’ve not made modifications to the demo yet, you can try installing Slider Revolution from X > Validation and then install the Agency demo again.

If it still doesn’t help, it could be because of hosting resource limitation. This usually is caused by low Max Execution time. Please contact your web host to increase your Max Execution time to 300 seconds. Your server also needs to meet Slider Revolution’s requirements particularly at least a Memory Limit of 256M, Upload Max Filesize of 100M and Max Post Size of 100M. All of which must are surely familiar to your web host and they are capable of increasing it depending on your plan so you need to contact them.

If you have further questions, please open a separate thread because mixing topics in a thread often leads to confusion thus slowing our response times which is not good both for customers and the support staff.


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