Place with Pro translations

Hi Themeco,

Is there a place where i can find Pro theme translations?

Thanks, Menno

Hi Menno,

Thanks for writing in!

Kindly refer to the link below for your guide.


Hi Paul,

I know how to translate plugins and themes but are there mo/po translation files already available?


  • Menno

Hi Menno,

You can locate the pot files on the following location (Pro/framework/lang/). Then you can follow the above guide and use PoEdit software to compile your translations.


Hi Mldarshana,

Yes but are there Dutch translations (or other languages) already available? It’s a lot of work to translate the theme :slight_smile:

Thanks, Menno

Hi Menno,

I’m sorry but, currently we don’t have translated versions for other languages. X/Pro theme are translation ready, so you just need to translate it manually.

Thanks for understanding.

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