Photos in product description blurry in mobile

Hi there, i have added some symbols eg cruelty free under the text of my product description and on mobile they dont look crisp they turn a little blury. In the wordpress media file they are perfect and same on my desktop but when added and you look on the site they look blurred.
You can see here

I have tried changing the size grom small to large, i hsvr tried small 100x100 pics to up to 800x800 and anytime i want them thumnail size they are distorted. Hope you can help

Hi There,

Thanks for writing in!
Mobile screens are high resolution, thats why those images are looking blurry.
Please try to use a double size image instead of 150X150 image. Now I can see the images are 150X150

Please upload 300x300 image and use original size.
Add size 100px in the image size in editor so that in the mobile screen it would look good.

Hope this helps!


I tried what you said, I uploaded pics at 300x300 then in editor made them too 100. The pictures are still fuzzy on mobile though :frowning:

Hi @TinyLewy,

I have checked your setup both desktop and mobile and it is not showing any problem or it is not showing fuzzy.

Would you mind sharing us a screenshot of how it looks in your mobile and please share us also the device you used so we could replicate in our setup.


Ok so I have figured out a way to fix the problem myself, now they look amazing on mobile. I changed the settings of media and changed all the image size values to 0.

Now my next question is, all my other thumbnails aren’t as crisp as they could be (ive now noticed this since my symbol problem) How do I fix all my thumbnails? Evey product image thumbnail isnt as crisp as it should be.


Please make sure that you set the thumbnail sizes correctly in the Woocommerce settings and also you use the proper plugin to regenerate the thumbnails. All the information is available here for you to follow:

Hope that helps

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