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Hi there,
I am part-way through building my new photography website using X and i had been expecting to use the Envira gallery. However, before i go further i wanted some advice on how to proceed as i need the following features, so should i upgrade Envira, or can i use woocommerce with Envira, or should i use an alternative gallery ?
Key features:

  • Multiple public ‘showcase’ galleries
  • Multiple private client galleries (with password)
  • Ability to click on image and ’ add to cart’ with print size and frame options and check out eg with PayPal
  • Switchable download protection option per gallery

Desirable features

  • Ability to proof select images somehow and return selection details back to me
  • Interface to Lightroom (gallery upload) would be fab

I did have a look around the forum, but i couldn’t get the info i needed there.

Many thanks in advance

  • Charles

Hi There,

Thanks for writing in!
The suggested feature can be achieve with Envira and Woo-commerce. Envira gallery having good support for woo-commerce.
Before using it we wood recommend you to go through the envira documentation ( for best possible solution.


ok thanks so i should be able to stay withe standard bundled envira ?


Yes, you can install it VIA X > Overview

switch to to get the desired things you wanted to have. no hastle and easy to setup just the best choice to have a site to show-sell your photos. give it a try it’s worth every penny

Hey There,

We are just glad that you have figured it out a way to achieve what you want to have in your gallery.
Thanks for letting us know!

Best Regards.

Hey, i installed Envira and also WooCommerce (in X) and have created a gallery but i dont see any options in Envira to add pricing to the gallery images. Does the X installed Woo carry over into Envira, or am i going to have to buy the upgraded Envira solution.

(Not to @sanibelmanatee) I want to stay in X - that’s the whole point for me here - dont want to use an external gallery service, thanks.



Kindly refer to the link below

Hope that helps.

ok thanks - so i need to upgrade my Envira gallery. Can i upgrade from Basic since that is included with X, or do i need to go and buy a whole new license ??


Hello There,

The WooCommerce Addon is only available to Pro. You can compare all the features from this page:

Hope this helps.

Hi me again !
So now i have a pro version of Envira, but i can’t see how to add the add-ons i want in X-Theme ?? - i have entered the license code to fully enable Envira and now i see all the add-ons are ‘install-able’ - but i thought this was discouraged / is there another way to enable plugins without activating Envira ?
Note: this is a test site at present, so i can change anything.

Hi There,

In this case would please provide your admin credentials so we can take a closer look?


Ah - at the moment i am only running Envira on my Localhost dev site; which i guess you cant get to ?! - just as a quick check, can you at least answer these two specific questions please?
[My goal is to enable several add-ons for Envira (and i have bought a Pro license)]

Q1. Do i need to enter the Pro license code into the Envira settings page?
Q2. Should i somehow be able to enable the add-ons in the Envira settings page by clicking on Install, or do i need to do something more funky with the ZIP files I have downloaded from the Envira website ?


Hey @csturman,

Q1. No. Though there’s currently a bug where Envira asks for a license, you don’t need to input license.
Q2. The Envira Addons are not included and you should purchase a separate license from Envira to use Envira as standalone plugin. Please visit this link for more details.


Ok thanks - very clear. So the question is :- I have bought a license to Envira Pro. But what do i do then ?? / how does the ‘built-in’ Envira know i have a license so that the ‘Upgrade’ buttons on the add-ons all turn into ‘Install’ buttons ?!

Ah - what a minute - you said “use Envira as standalone plugin” - does that mean i should un-enable the bundled Envira and instead separately install Envira in WP / nothing to do with X ??

Yes, that is correct. And, you need to add this code in your functions.php to disable X’s connection with Envira.

function x_envira_gallery_remove_license_functionality() { return true; }

For more details, please see


Ah right thank you - yes i have read that article about 3 times :grinning: !! but it did not include the important information that i have to reinstall a brand new Envira plug in with it’s own license !!

Glad to hear we managed to help!

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