Phantom scroll to top button

Hello! Was attempting to add a scroll-to-top button to a particular page via its Content CSS tab in Cornerstone. Ultimately deleted that code and installed a customizable plug-in instead. Only problem is, the old scroll-to-top button still appears alongside the new one. On all pages, not just the one I was originally playing with. Please advise!

Adding the following code to the Global CSS has fixed my problem appearance-wise, but if thereโ€™s a more logical way to correct it, let me know. Thanks!

.x-scroll-top {
display: none;

Hi There,

This custom CSS will globally hide the scroll top button for all pages.

To hide the scroll top button for specific pages only, please try with this custom CSS:

.page-id-123 .x-scroll-top,
.page-id-456 .x-scroll-top {
display: none;

The 123, 456 numbers are the page IDs.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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