Paragraph spacing and more layout options

Hi there,

Can you explain to me where i can find the settings for paragraph settings?
Now it gives a lot of white when i hit return. And i want some lines of text to be without all that white in between.

Also, where and how do i set up the fontcharacteristics i would like to use as a default trhroughout the site? Now i am changing it per page, but that is not the preferred way … :slight_smile:

Hi wonderacademie,

I’ve checked one of your blog posts (the link is in the Secure Note) and I noticed you have already added this CSS code to (X > Theme Options > CSS):

.single-post p {
    margin-bottom: 8px !important;

This is a correct way to adjust the space between paragraphs, could you please share with us a link to the page where you can see all these white spaces in between its paragraphs?

Font characteristics can be changed in (X > Theme Options > Typography), you can define custom fonts in (X > Fonts) if you want to use one font in more than one place, so when you readjust the font settings in (X > Fonts) the new settings will reflect everywhere you used this font. Please check these guides for more details:


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