Pagination in looper

hey there, I have a looper set up to pull blog post videos and titles, and I have it working just fine.

However I want to add a pagination element (next / last) so that if there’s more than one post (there is), then you can hit the next arrow to load the next post, etc, essentially turning it into a slider of sorts.
The Post Pagination element doesn’t seem to have this capability.

Please help!

Hello @madvibes,

Thanks for writing to us.

Regretfully the pagination won’t work with the Looper and Post Pagination elements that are not connected. For now pagination and the navigation element works with only a few pre-defined templates on the archive layout and single layout.

Thanks for understanding

Then is there a recommended method to achieve the same functionality?

Hi @madvibes,

Unfortunately, there is no other option except using the Pre-defined template that has the pagination.


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