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Hi there! PageSpeed report shows me some delays in website loading which i think are related to the theme.

Is there anything i can do about them? ( Btw, i have W3 Total Cache installed with many settings enabled, including minification)

Have a great day!

Hi Cristian,

We have a good article which you can start your work on:

Needless to say that the performance is a tricky business and it depends on many factors from the hosting service provider to how much content you add to the page.

We always do our best to have the best internal code of the theme regarding the performance. The rest is up to the techniques you can use which are mentioned in the article I gave.

Thank you.

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Ok, i totally understand but i have no idea how to do this thing, which seems to have a “high impact” on loading time and it’s related to the theme. The suggestion i got is the following:

Remove render-blocking JavaScript:"


That can be remedied by w3tc. It just needs correct configuration.

Please refer to the link below


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Thank you @paul.r, i will check out that link! Do you think it’s possible to break anything on the website if i follow those steps?

Hi Cristian,

There’s a possibility to break your functionality on your site. You will have to test your pages once you make such changes.

Also make sure to clear full cache before testing. You can refer to the following resource here (


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Thank you!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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