Pagespeed optimization without caching content


because I want to install many large images on the start page (as small as possible, but as big as necessary),

I’m looking for ways to optimize the loading times performance.

In previous attempts with Wordpress I used the PlugIns WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache.
On the current website I have to offer an opt out option for Google Analytics etc.
But in case I use these PlugIns, the page will cached, wich causes problems with the opt out cookie.

Is it possible to optimize it differently (without PlugIns or with PlugIns, wich do not cache the content)?

Thank you in advance and best regards

Hi Chantal,

Thanks for writing in! You will need the support of a caching plugin to optimize and speed up your site.

We have a separate guide on how to increase performance of your site (

Basically if you want to try without a caching plugin, you need to optimize your images for web. That means you need to reduce the size of your images without harming the quality.

Also you can try upgrading your hosting plan. For example if you’re on a shared hosting plan, you can upgrade it to a VPS with more memory capacity and processing power which should be a good starting point.


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