Pages going to 403 error randomly and page template failing

Hello, since the last update to wordpress I have been getting a strange error on Most of the pages are generally fine but this is the second time that several of the gallery pages have failed. Last time this happened, I verified that everything was updated and resaved my permalinks and everything returned to normal…unfortunately it didn’t stay this way and without any changes made the gallery pages started to resolve to a 403 again. I once again disabled my plugins and resaved my permalinks again and was able to clear up the 403 but now the template is failing to load on a few of the pages and I cannot find the problem. I would also like to ensure that the pages don’t wind up going 403 again as this time the owner of the site was in a meeting that required to show the galleries that were on the pages that were failing.

Other pages using the same template structure do not fail.

This is one of the pages that has been failing:
Currently I resolved the 403, not sure how, but the body and the dropdown menus are not showing

This page has never failed:
It has the same structure, template, and everything, the only thing that is different is the gallery slug

Currently using the most updated version of X Theme and Envira Gallery Plugin

How do I prevent further 403 errors, and why are some of my pages currently blank?
Please advise what further information you need. Thank you

Since I posted this, the corporate gallery has cleared itself up. The Lifestyles gallery is still not showing the body content. It seems to be entirely random.

Hey @jbdigitalstrategies,

I loaded your pages several times in different browsers and I didn’t get a 403 error. The console is clear.

This page appears blank in the beginning and I thought this was the issue but, the images loaded minutes later so it’s neither an issue with X nor Envira Gallery. Your images are huge. For instance, just one of your images alone is 3 mb. Please optimize your images.


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