Page Speed Question?

This is PRO. I run Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Google Ads (Adwords)

I guess what I’m asking is will the poor performance in Page Speed Insights impact negatively the Ads performance, and Organic search for that matter.

I use W3 Total Cache with Cloudflare. The actual “minimization” is done in Cloudflare (and I use Rocket Loader), not the caching plugin. Some page speed tools look ok, some not so good. Other than the Wordfence and Yoast plugins, I use very few plugins at all.

My url is

Hey @charliesa,

I checked you site in GTMetrix and the issues are not related to the theme but your overall WordPress setup. See the GTMetrix result in the secure note.

Regarding the Reduce the number of DOM elements, you have too many contents in your page, you must break your page down to separate pages.

Regarding Minify Javascript and CSS, resources in our theme are already minified our of the box. If you have custom unminified CSS, you can minify it in online tools like

I’d also recommend that you review our Performance guide at

Performance optimization is a wide area and involves things beyond the theme. Therefore, please note the disclaimer in the performance guide:


This is YSLOW Score not Page Speed score you are showing. Granted, My dom elements could be smaller. I use Cloudflare minify, otherwise I’d use W3 Total Cache. I do use Expire Headers in .htaccess, I will check the performance guize you recommend, Thanks

Yes, it’s Yslow report because if you visit the GTMetrix result I’ve posted in the secure note, your PageSpeed score is already good.

I’d recommend that you enlist help from a website speed optimizer service or agency for fixes regarding your site speed.


If there is no issue with the theme, I’m good. here. We are a nonprofit with no money. If I don’t do everything, it doesn’t happen. I do web design. severer mtce., Analytics, Tag Manager, Ad words (Google Ads) and page speed…

Thank you again

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

I would like my site to load in .5 seconds :slight_smile: The site already loads fully in 1.6 - 2.4 seconds. YSLOW has some silly recommendations. It says Google Tag Manager and Cloudflare are the reason I receive one “F”. It says Cloudflare email.decoder and Cloudflare Rocket Loader are a big issue too. It gave me an “E” because I have 5 inline style tags…for all I know that is what was added by the theme if I add styling in an element. I think I’ll just disregard YSLOW. Just passing on my personal opinion. As always, thank you guys.

Hi There @charliesa

Thanks for letting us know. You can also try Google Lighthouse tool ( which offers some in-depth analysis of your site performance and ways to improve it further.


Thank you. I have two major issues:

1.) My time to first byte (TTFB) is too slow, not because my site is bloated, or I don’t use caching, or I don’t use a CDN. I simply have a cheap host,

2.) An even bigger issue in “Audit” was I was using many Google extensions (chrome extensions like Tag assistant, Data Layer Tool, Event Tracking tool and GA debug). If I simply rerun the test in incognito mode the performance goes from 55 to 82 in "Audit"I didn’t know that.

Thanks for letting us know.

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