Page not showing CSS when saved?

Hello there,

We saved one of our pages and now it displays similar to a page that might have broken CSS. When we view the page in our “Edit Pro” mode – the page looks perfect. However, when we view the page in any browser (not logged in to our WP site) the page looks broken – like it is not pulling any css? It is only for this one page. Please help!

This is actually the third time we have inquired for help from X pros on this issue. It continues to occur on this one page.

As well, we have cleared cache in WP and in browsers.

Hi @RocktheHouse1876,

Thanks for reaching out!

This sounds like it could be the same as the issues we’ve been seeing. When updating to a new major release, there could be some markup changes incompatible with the cached generated styles. We need to make sure that there’s always a way for the style cache to be cleared.

I suggest that you go to Pro > Settings then locate the system tab and click the Clear Style Cache button to clear the style cache manually. Please also clear any 3rd party cache integration on your website.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

It seems whether there is a Pro update or not, each time my client needs to edit this page (once a week) this occurs mentioned above.

To your suggestion, the only issue with this is my client is the one updating this page and the suggestion mentioned is not available in the User Permission Role for “Editor”. Since that suggestion is only available in “Admin” user, could it be made in the user role “Editor” too? I don’t think it would be a good idea to give my client my Admin user role credentials just to clear style cache.

Thank you for your detailed assistance with this. What would be your thoughts?

Also to note, we just made a change to the page and the weird formatting like broken CSS occured again. I then went to Pro>Settings and hit the “Clear Style Cache” button twice. As well, I then cleared the cache on the “Clear Cache for Me” plugin we have too. And the formatting for that page still appears with broken CSS. Please help!

Hello @RocktheHouse1876,

I am seeing the same layout when viewing the live view and in the builder. Please clear your plugin caches because you have installed the W3 Total Cache plugin. Kindly temporarily deactivate the plugin and test your site again. You may also use private browsing mode and test again.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

Thank you for you assistance! The initial issue with the page looking broken after saving is that bug something that one day might be worked out in a Pro Update? The web page had been working fine with edits until a Pro Update, then we started having trouble with it when saving the CSS would be broken.

Hello @RocktheHouse1876,

It mostly happens due to plugin conflict or cache. It is always a good practice to clear the cache after the theme, plugin and WordPress core updates so that the latest code render properly. I would suggest you have a backup of your site files and database before updating the theme, plugin and WordPress core. It would be best if you copy your live site to the staging server then perform the update work.

To check plugin conflict and cache issue etc you must check to troubleshoot with our common issue troubleshooting guildelince. Documentation for the common issue troubleshooting guidelines.

Hope it helps