Page looks garbled on frontend

page looks good on cornerstone but on the backend it looks completely out of place and garbled

On Cornerstore

** On frontend**

I realized this issue happens whenever I hit an update button from wordpress post. Till then even frontend looks fine. Moment i update the post from wordpress, the page gets destroyed.


Hi Abraham,

Glad that you are able to find the reason behind it. Please remember that saving the page from Default Editor, may loss of styles added automatically while using the Cornerstone.


@tristup I could only find the reason, not the solution.
Sometimes I may have to update the post from Wordpress itself, for example when adding new categories, tags, updating seo settings for the post etc.
So avoiding to use the update button is not exactly the solution. Please help.

Hello @abbykoshy,

You can restore the backup of the site and then check it again. In case if you have a backup of your site or you can ask your hosting provider to restore your site database on the previous date.

Altinertively you can restore the content from the WordPress page revision. Please have a look at the given articles.

Hope it helps

@prakash_s I fail to understand how this is a solution. Am I suppose to keep restoring backup everytime i update the post using wordpress admin? That would be tedious.

The problem here has nothing to do with restoring backup.

The question remains, The frontend design on cornerstone is completely destroyed when updating the post using wordpress admin, How to ensure this does not happen?

Hi Abraham,

I have mentioned in a previous post that saving page from Default Editor will remove the default style added through the Cornerstone and there is no solution currently available on this.


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