Page load issues on mobile chrome and safari browsers ios

strange error on mobile safari browser and chrome on ios- the first time you load the page it loads fine(you must let it load all the way until the background image loads, can take a moment)- if you press reload it will crash the mobile browser UNTIL you clear the mobile browser cache and press reload again

if I clear the cache on safari mobile on ios I can get the page to load successfully with the background image HOWEVER, once it is fully loaded with the background image (might take a minute to load fully- the background is always the last thing to load on this page and takes awhile on mobile even when the rest of the site seems to be fully loaded, can take a minute or two) anytime I press RELOAD the site will crash----- if I clear the safari mobile cache after this and reload, it works----- what does this mean? Is the site caching too much information within safari mobile for the browser to handle? Is there some way to fix this?

I have tried optimizing all images using and regenerated all thumbnails on the site but the problem persists

login info attached below

Thanks so much!

Hey Jared,

I’m sorry but we currently don’t have resources to troubleshoot mobile specific performance issues. But, I suspect this has something to do with the sheer number of images in your site. The overall size of your page is 40 MB. That is very big.

Please try reducing your images and also try removing your background to see if that is really the cause of the issue.


Understood thank you

Can you please help me with this then- since the page works on desktop but not mobile, is there some css I can apply to a column or THE GRID element to make that element or column not render on mobile? I currently have 4 instances of THE GRID running on that page and for mobile I could pair it down to two instances

also why don’t lazy load plugins fix this issue? I thought that they would take the burden off the browser during reload?

Please let me know the best way to do this. If you need login info please find it in the secure note at the top of this post


Hello Jared,

Your home page is 73% images which is also 41MB in total size.
You can check out that in detail from here:

Lazy load may not be available in the Grid plugin. For full details, please check this documentation:

Hope this helps.

Thank you for this~other than getting rid of the images is there anything else I can do to fix it?

Can you please tell me what css I need to add to an entire column or grid element to make it so that it does not load on mobile? There are currently 4 instances of the grid on that page but I would like to try hiding them on mobile in hopes that this would make the load/reload less of a burden


Hiding them will not work as they will still load in the background.

You can try optimizing your images using this third party plugin

or this plugin

Then try to install a cache plugin like w3 total cache.

We actually have a guide on what to do to improve your site performance. Please refer to the link below


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