Page layout is getting disturb

Hey, I’ve created a page layout and it is not allowing to my custom pop up from product loop to display a pop up.
I’ve added a pop up which opens up when user click on share node in product loop. This thing is working fine with other layouts but not working on the single product page layout. Please help me with this.
Pop up working on the layout :
Not working on layout:

Hey @vks_group,

This looks like a plugin conflict case. Regretfully, we do not provide support for plugin conflicts. Kindly contact te popup plugin developer to make the plugin compatible with Pro.

But the same code is working on the other pages. It’s the layout which is not allowing the pop up to come to front. And previously it was working on this page but after adding that upsells product in side bar it had stopped working.

Hi Ketan,

I have checked that the share modal is not working from the upsells product. It seems that the share button has been added through any 3rd party plugin or custom code which is beyond the scope of Theme Support. As suggested by my colleague, please contact the plugin author on this case.


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